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Shanghai Kezx Biotechnology Co, Ltd is a high-tech company focusing on biochemical business, such as nucleoside monomer&phosphorous amidite, delivery system LNP, Galnac, nucleotide, clean Cap, fluorescent labeled CY3TP, CY5TP derivatives and other mRNA raw and auxiliary materials, as well as CRO&CDMO customized synthesis of fluorine compounds, amino acid & polypeptide compounds, boric acid compounds, cholesterol compounds and heterocyclic compounds. The company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the technical research and development and production of RNA's raw and auxiliary materials. It can provide cost-effective products and process routes, as well as FTE, CRO, CDMO and other multi style schemes. Through continuous research on downstream products and continuous optimization of internal control indicators according to downstream markets and customer needs, Shanghai CincoBio Biotechnology Co., Ltd. had established a high-quality key technology platform. With the goal of contributing to the scientific research field and human health, Shanghai CincoBio Biotechnology Co., Ltd. continues to explore new products of biochemistry and new directions of organic chemistry.
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